For families for whom a smaller, home-like setting better suits their needs, CCCI is very proud to offer subsidized child care and development services within our high quality Family Child Care Network (FCCN) of Providers.

Participating Providers in the FCCN are not employees of CCCI, rather small business owners within our community, licensed to operate small or large family child care homes. Providers are either recruited or apply for selection to our Network.

After a stringent screening process, selected Providers agree to a variety of requirements necessary for ongoing participation such as:

  • Bi-annual environmental self-assessments
  • Attendance at quarterly in-service trainings, with opportunities to attend local workshops and conferences
  • Consistent compliance with all Title 22 Licensing Regulations.

The Pacific Family Child Care Network (PFCCN) is a group of Providers who have been recognized by the University of the Pacific (UOP) for their high quality programs. As a result, CCCI and UOP developed the Pacific Child Care Referral Program to assist in meeting the child care needs of students, faculty and staff of UOP.

Providers in the FCCN/PFCCN are encouraged to pursue Accreditation through the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) and several Providers have been recognized locally for their levels of high quality and commitment to children and families.

Are you a Licensed family child care provider interested in
becoming part of CCCI’ Family Child Care Network? If so,
call us at 209-941-9100 x 224